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home candle making wicks    
Wick Type Container Diameter 100/Bag 200/Bag 500/Bag 1000/Bag
  Votive Wicks
1.5" to 2.5" $8.00 $15.58 $30.95 $56.90
  Small Wicks
3.0" to 4.0" $8.00 $15.58 $30.95 $56.90
  Medium Wicks
3.5" to 4.5" $8.00 $15.58 $30.95 $56.90
  Large Wicks
4.5" to 5.5" $8.00 $15.58 $30.95 $56.90

Zinc Core Wicks are prewaxed and tabbed. These wicks are coated in wax to help them burn better, make the candle light easier and helps the wick to stand up straight inside the pool of liquid wax that is formed as the candle burns.

HTP Wicks Wick Type Burn Pool/Container Diameter Wick Length Price


3.5" to 4.0" in Diameter 6" $10.00


4.0" to 4.5" in Diameter 6" $10.00

HTP wicks are designed to facilitate complete combustion and minimize carbon build-up. Utilizing a special 100% cotton braid, they are particularly well suited for applications involving more viscous waxes, such as single-pour waxes. These wicks are primed with high melt wax (212 F) and have a round tin base (20 mm in most cases) attached that helps keep the entire wick assembly standing upright and prevents it from flopping over as the candle burns towards the bottom.

Tea Light Wicks Burn Pool/Container Diameter Wick Length Price/100 Price/1,000
1.5" in Diameter 1-1/8" WAS $6.50 Sale Price   
WAS $60.00 Sale Price   

Cut your tealight candle making prep time in half with our pre-cut, pre-assembled tealight wicks! Ideal for use with our clear plastic cups , or with aluminum tealight cups. These cotton core wicks are coated in wax to help them burn better. The wax coating on the wicks makes the candle easier to light, and also helps the wicks stand up straight inside the pool of liquid wax that is formed as the candle burns.

Wick Pins Type Burn Pool/Container Diameter Price
3 Inch 2 " Wick Pins (Small) $1.25
8 Inch 8.00" Wick Pins (Large) $2.25

Wick Pins take the place of the wick while the candle is being poured, then is removed after hard to insert tabbed wick from bottom. The pin slides easily into the bottom of the mold and ensures the wick will be centered in the candle. This pin reduces the leakage which can occur when using other sealing techniques.

Wick Tabs Type Burn Pool/Container Diameter Price
1/2 LB 20 mm Round Wick Tabs $7.00

Premium quality round wick tabs that will accept all but the largest wick. These tabs work great in votive, container and gel candle applications.

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