What is Fuel Economy?

fuel economy

The fuel economy isn’t like our economy but is instead a ratio for distance over fuel consumption. Basically, how much fuel does it take to get you a certain distance, or how much distance can you go on a certain amount of fuel?

If your car has a good fuel economy then that ratio is very small if you are measuring units of fuel for distance. If you can go 100km on one liter of fuel then you are good, but if you can only go 10km for one liter, then you have a bad fuel economy because it takes ten times the fuel to go the same distance.

Factors that affect the fuel economy of a vehicle include the power needed to run things like air conditioning and radio, the wind resistance and drag the car has to overpower, and the power and the mechanics of the engine.

Keeping a good fuel economy is important for both the environment and your wallet, as you’ll be putting fewer fumes in the air and also will be spending less at the pump. You can do this by looking at the tire pressure in your car, where increased pressure can increase the amount of power needed to move the car forward. Keeping the air pressure at recommended levels can help keep the needs of the car low.

Be sure to check your car’s fuel economy and see if you can make it lower by looking at your air pressure, energy consumption, and other items. With a lower fuel economy, you’ll get more out of your car, your wallet, and you’ll be protecting the environment at the same time. That’s a good triple punch that will make you feel good every time you start up the family car.

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