Protect the Life of Your Vehicle with Regular Oil Changes

One of the most important services for your vehicle is the oil change. It happens to also be the service that is needed most often. Most drivers need an oil change after driving 3,000 miles, although some manufacturers recommend the oil change every 7,000 miles thanks to new and improved oil formulations. Follow the recommendations in your vehicle owner’s manual and make sure that you get the oil changed regularly.

Why is an Oil Change so Important?

Oil lubricates the engine so that it reduces friction between moving components. If these components rub together, it causes massive problems that affect your vehicle in a multitude of ways. This ensures that your vehicle doesn’t sustain damage or wear out before its time. Fresh engine oil ensures that your car operates smoothly no matter how many miles you travel. All vehicle makes and models require oil changes.

DIY or Professional Oil Change?

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Since oil changes are pretty simple to complete, some people prefer to DIY.  It’s nice to handle car repairs and service yourself when you can. However, most people schedule service at a place like the valvoline instant oil change centreville va center because the price is about the same as DIY, but there is far less headaches to deal with. Professionals can dispose of the old oil and filter and get things done quickly.

Protect Your Car

Oil changes protect your car against many different types of damage, reduce engine wear, and prolong the life of your car. This service is very important and one that shouldn’t be forgotten, at least if you want the car to operate for many years ahead. Make sure to keep your car running its best and schedule that oil change without delay.